When Saturday Comes

Hello and welcome to Hedge End Town Football club, or more well known for its nickname 🙌HET🙌.

My name is Wes skinner myself and club captain and team secretary started the club at 18 years old in 2002, however that doesn’t tell the full story. The club actually was born in the 90s as a tyro league team run by Richard Grove and John McCarthy. The club started off in the bottom division and spent the next few seasons climbing its way through the league either winning or coming second every season gaining promotion. The club managed to reach the dizzy height of the top division by time the lads became youth players.

Quote a few of the guys continued in their youth but as for myself I found cider and girls a little more appealing.

After the youth era the club took a brief sabbatical.

I then realised there was more to life than girls and booze. I decided to get the band back together.
We started our life if the Southampton league in junior for as a team of over confident nippers. Unfortunately after winning our first game and firmly believing we were going to have an illustrious football career we actually got relegated from in our first season.

After the realisation of what men’s football was all about I decided to draft in some old school legends from the legendary Hedge End & Botley teams. Players such as Garth Skinner and Dave lyinch helped us to a second place finish in our second season.

We continued to climb our way through the league and in 2008 we had a monumental run in the Ron Vallance plate. I remember in the semi final we needed to save 4 in a row to stay in the cup and some how the impossible happened and we managed to do it and scrape into the final. In the final we were firm under dogs against Nimbin. On the day we were brilliant after being 3-0 up we had a little wobble abs at 3-2 we managed to get the 4th and win the plate which was our first adult trophy.

No silverware over the next few seasons but we were always a tough team to play against firm but fair, we continued to climb the leagues and in 2013 we were crowned senior 1 champions this was a special moment for the club abs Hedge End. We were the first Hedge End men’s team to win the division In 125 years. After winning senior 1 we decided to create a reserve side that over the years has done well managed by Stuart Seabourn at the beginning and long serving club member Simon King who still runs a successful reserve team today that are currently in junior 1 with some exiting young players.

The first team is currently looking strong and there is a good buzz and morale around the the club. In the coming seasons we hope to fill up the cabinet with some more trophies.

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